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Sunday 20th August.

The Dairy Companies Association is now part of the Government Industry Associations biosecurity partnership.

The price of raising stock is pushing up the market prices. New data shows the cost of electricity and gas prices.. As well as raw products is offsetting any profit earned.

Dairy New Zealand’s nominations for elected roles on the board….  and Directors Remuneration Committee are now open. All farmers who pay levies on milk solids are eligible to stand… an opportunity to get more involved in the leadership of the company.

Saturday 19th August.

Japan’s slapped a 50 percent tariff on frozen meats being imported into the country from places without a free trade agreement. The TPP Agreement would bring that down to nine percent.

A two cent tax on every one-thousand litres of water would drown farmers in debt. This from Irrigation New Zealand, as it forced Labour to release details on its commercial water charge policy.

Two farm managers and a body corporate have been slapped with a 60-thousand-dollar fine for failing to maintain milking shed lanes. It resulted in the euthanasia of nearly 200 cows… and treatment of another 800 for catastrophic lameness.

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