The most important tips you need to know about calf rearing

Rural Exchange 12/08/2017

It’s a busy time on the farm with the calves, and for people new to a country lifestyle, the prospect of making a profit off often includes raising calves.

The REX team took some questions from NZ Farming’s facebook page and gave them to our expert on nutrition, Dr Alun Faulkner from Nutritech.

Listen to Dr Faulkner's do’s and don’ts - the basics you need to get calf raising right, including detail on:

  • the right health management;

  • accommodation, ie clean, disinfected, sprayed for viruses, type of bedding; weather protection etc;

  • why the first 3 weeks of a calf’s life is so important;
  • why colostrum is the most important factor and when to use it.

For more information on calf nutrition, go to

Nutrition is a regular feature on REX, with thanks to Seales Winslow.