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Sunday 10th September

National’s described Labour’s new climate change policy as a full fledged attack on the regions. Deputy leader Paula Bennett says no other countries include agriculture in their emission trading schemes. She says legislating a carbon target and an independent climate commission wouldn’t reduce a single emission.

The conviction of a former dairy industry scientist is hoping to restore the reputation of dairy and honey exporters. Former Nubiotics and Nu-brands director Trevor James Lock has been found guilty on nearly 20 charges relating to fraud. He forged documentation, and failed to deliver on exporting contracts….using the money for his own personal gain. Serious Fraud Office director Julie Read says it shows a majority of New Zealand exporters are reliable, and honest.

Functional testing for a new lamb docking iron that’s 35 percent lighter and 60 percent smaller is hoping to start soon. Nicole Austin’s tool took out the James Dyson design engineers award… with the developed product prototype. She says it has a special double chamber… with consistent blade temperatures that’ll improve lamb’s welfare and level of discomfort.

Two new plastic shredding units will be on the move to help meet a new plastic drum and agrichemical recycling target. Agrecovery General Manager Simon Andrew is aiming to boost the recycling of plastic containers and drums by 40 percent over the next three years. Farmers and growers can  drop off empty plastic containers for free at 74 drop off points across the country.

New Zealand’s terms of trade is at the highest level since the 1970s wool boom as a result of the Primary Sector. The latest ANZ Agri Data shows Green kiwifruit earning a 40 to 100 percent premium over the nearest competitor, Wine prices are also at the top 11% in the UK…  and at least the top half in the US and Australia. ANZ Rural Economist Con Williams says it’s helped boost the nation’s purchasing power.


Saturday 9th September

Farmers believe a Labour Government will have them footing 100 percent of the cost of their emissions in no time.

Labour's new climate change policy will bring the currently exempt agriculture industry into the emissions trading scheme - initially giving the sector 90 percent free. But Federated Farmers Vice President Andrew Hoggard says their analysts think that will go up quickly, He says it'll cost the livestock sector upwards of 83-million-dollars in one year. Based on 2015 herd figures... the dairy industry and  sheep and beef sector would pay around 40-million-dollars each.... and deer farming would foot 1.5-million-dollars in bills.

More than 15-thousand tests have been completed to identify the cattle disease Mycoplasma Bovis. MPI says it's confident the disease hasn't "jumped the fence" from the six infected farms in Canterbury. All the infected properties have direct links to each other through animals moving from one farm to another.

The spread of Myrtle Rust to a Waikato town is disappointing, but not unexpected. Two trees in Otorohanga on different properties are infected with the fungus, and will be destroyed. Waikato Regional Council's Brett Bailey says people need to start checking their properties, particularly any Myrtle species planted during Autumn or Winter.

The Supreme Court’s chucked out AFFCO’s appeal, ruling it unlawfully locked meat workers out of collective bargaining. The meat processor’s been ordered to pay the Meat Workers Union costs of 35-thousand-dollars plus reasonable disbursements. It ruled AFFCO owed it’s seasonal employees contractual obligations including re-hiring, despite the employment terminating at the previous season’s end.

Nominations are now open for Fonterra Shareholders Council and Director;s Remuneration Committee elections. The Council will be reducing it’s size from 35 wards to 25.. With all 25 up for election from the 2017 Annual Meeting. Chairman, Duncan Coull says making the Council smaller will mean a larger pool of candidates, greater competition and lift the calibre of future Councillors

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