Rural weather with Novus


A few people have mentioned to me already what a rotten start to Spring it has been. Even though there was a brief respite for parts of the country this week, there has been so much wind and rain with some snow thrown in for good measure in the south and hail and thunder peppering other parts inside the last couple of weeks.

It may seem surprising but this isn't a totally unique situation for early Spring in this country even though the constant change and variability is hard to keep up with.

Even though daylight saving pushes out the evening twilight hours many of us can feel somewhat miserable if the weather isn't playing its part.  We look forward to sunshine and settled skies but the reality is we will still experience cloudy skies, showers and winds pushing through during unsettled spells.

The start to October doesn't look overly bright with winds probably being the focal point over the next week or two.  There will be warm and dry conditions out east although we will also see

November remains our best bet for a consistent weather pattern for the Spring months but as we know well on our shores, this can change fairly smartly.

Why is the weather so disturbed this year at this time? The anticyclones have been centered over Australia for sometime and we get the west to south west airflow more often than not.  This weather pattern tends to stick around with the wind carrying all the moisture especially in northern and western districts.

The good news on the weather front is that as we close in on Summer, the ridges of high-pressure that deliver sunshine and sea breezes to coastal areas and warm daytime temperatures head southward.  Many of us are thinking that can't come soon enough.

Rural Weather thanks to Novus.