Rural Weather with Novus



This week we had a tornado across the Waikato; very warm temperatures out East, including 21° for Dunedin at six in the morning to start the week off plus in some areas, blustery winds that didn't want to disappear in a hurry.

The spring theme continues and September has seen a combination of all types of weather elements across most parts of the country.  What has been lacking overall are frosts. At the start of this new season we would expect more than half the country to still be experiencing Jack Frost to some degree but the winds have generally kept them limited.

Sea temperatures around our shores have been somewhat variable but on the cool side of what we'd expect for the end of September. Sea breezes might mean that a number of coastal areas feel a tad cool during the months of October and November as a result

The evapotranspir.ation figure is starting to climb which sees moisture being sucked out of the air due to mild temperatures, breezy conditions and also stronger sunlight. This usually lasts anywhere from September through to April and May with this year proving no exception. The good news on that front is that the water tables are generally high to very high across the country as we get into the warmer months however as always, if a prolonged dry spell was to occur it wouldn't take long for the water situation to change.

The next week looks a little more settled with the driest conditions predictably in the East as the winds come and go from the West or South West. As we head into October there is a hint that our weather conditions could become a little more stable than what we've seen in recent weeks but then again that wouldn't be difficult!