The weather week ahead


We are inching our way to daylight saving later this month and the mornings are certainly lighter and the evenings are extending out however if the weather is changeable it may not always appear such a pleasant feature of our spring time.

A chilly start to the week is likely, especially across southern and central areas, and the topsy-turvy start to spring is set to continue.

The pollen season did get underway early and this month high to very high pollen levels are across much of the nation and is likely to continue for much of the next two to three months.

The next seven days don't appear to be outstandingly warm for most of Aotearoa but it's not all doom and gloom and a mix of some sunshine, showers, rain, windy conditions at times interspersed with cool and mild temperatures, again signify that spring is here and not necessarily the most settled time of the year.

There is hope on the horizon of an anticyclone or two delivering clear blue skies over us with not a lot of wind but in the main they seem few and far between.

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