Bill English looking like a loser - Chris Trotter


Political commentator Chris Trotter says Bill English is looking like a loser.

He and former ACT staffer Trish Sherson spoke to The AM Show about English’s interview earlier in the morning, in which he said coalition discussions still had a way to go.

“I saw a frustrated, almost an angry Prime Minister who was giving us way more information than, in my opinion, a person who is about to be announced as the next Prime Minister of New Zealand would be giving us," says Trotter.

“If he was poised to become the leader of the country once again, he would have been smiling, he would have been giving us that Southland grin and it would have been a very different interview."

Sherson agreed there was a "frustration" in English's interview.

“You can hear an eye roll in his voice.”

Trotter said the current situation is "not what I was expecting". He says he's updated his prediction to 55 percent in favour of a Labour-Greens government.

"My experience...tells me that the people who talk the loudest are the people who are losing."

Both commentators agreed that a government that needed Peters' approval for every decision would be a "shambles".

"The country would be clamouring for a new election certainly within months, possibly within weeks. I just don't think it's a viable proposition,” says Trotter.

Sherson said if one of the leaders were to pull out of negotiations and give up their chance at power, English would be her pick.

Trotter agreed, saying "If he's going to lose, then you say you can't fire me, I quit."

"You leave with your head high, he was asking too much. New Zealand can't afford what this guy is demanding, I'm out of here."

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