Dunedin Mayor pushing for further action on single-use plastic bags


Countdown and New World have pledged to ban single-use plastic bags by 2018, but local mayors say that's just a start. 

Dundein Mayor and Local Government President David Cull proposes putting a levy on single use bags, or even an outright ban.

Mr Cull praises the supermarkets for taking action but acknowledges there are still plenty of plastic bags out there.

“We’re still proposing a levy on plastic bags as much as anything to change behaviour. It’s not about raising money although you could apply the money you raise to waste minimisation measures.”

Mr Cull admits that consumers are ultimately the ones you have to convince.

If we can find some way of changing our behaviour short of a ban of course then that’s what we’re pushing for.

Mr Cull points out that consumers are both the perpetrators and victims relating to this issue, with enviromental damage and costs coming back on the tax payer.

"We are the ones who pay for the end consequences".

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