'This is all about Winston First.' David Seymour


ACT leader David Seymour is saying if Peters doesn't come out of the coalition negotiations as prime minister, he's failed.

"He’s got all the power because he can offer either side 61 at his price.

And let’s face it, this is not somebody who has been particularly public spirited in the past.

He’s been voted out of three electorates. He’s been sacked by three prime ministers from three different cabinets. If he didn’t care about those electorates or those previous governments do you think he care about MMP.

This is all about Winston First.

Seymour finds it hard to tell who is more desperate. On one hand Labour has been in in opposition for nine years. Staring down the barrel of 12 years could make anyone desperate. What about national?

“The thing that holds National together as a party is the belief that they are born to rule.”

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