Should we restrict where cigarettes are sold?


Auckland City Council has voted to increase the number of smoke free spaces across the city.

Parks, beaches, train stations and ferry terminals will all become smoke free in November along with some outdoor public dining areas.

Lance Norman, CEO of Maori Public Health Group, Hapai te Hauora, told The AM Show he was delighted with the decision.

“We’re very pleased that the council has moved forward to say stop smoking in public places. But we’re also pleased that they’ve allowed vaping to be excluded from that policy.”

Some great leadership by the council and by Penny personally to push this forward.

He said he would like to see greater regulations on cigarette sales in dairies, similar to those already in place in supermarkets.

"If you were to focus on reducing supply, dairies would be a good place to start."

He said New Zealand will be "close" to being smokefree in 2025, but that we will not hit the target in just eight years because of current smoking rates among Māori, Pacific Islanders and pregnant Māori women.

Lance Norman talks with The AM Show about Auckland's smoke-free future.

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