Patrick Gower: 'They are hostages to Winston Peters'


When will we know the shape of our next Government? 

Winston Peter's self imposed deadline of October 12 has come and gone and it's been almost two weeks since special votes were in. Now, days of serious negotiations have come to an end with a result still pending.

Newshub political editor Patrick Gower saw Duncan’s chat with National Deputy Paula Bennett and Labour Deputy Kelvin Davis on the AM show this morning, and one word came to mind - 'hostages'.

“Two political hostages. You had two hostages on your programme."

They are hostage to Winston Peters, just like the media are, just like the voters of New Zealand are.

“He is in total control of this process.”

After listening to the AM show interview, Patrick Gower felt that Winston Peters was “totally owning” both sides.

Watch the video above to hear Paddy's thoughts.


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