Increase in smoke free spaces across Auckland


Auckland City Council has voted to increase the number of smoke free spaces across the city.

Parks, beaches, train stations and ferry terminals will all become smoke free in November along with some outdoor public dining areas.

Chair of the Auckland City Council's Environment Committee Penny Hulse explains this step to The AM Show.

“You can still have private places within restaurants, cafes and bars that allow smoking but if your tables on the footpath no smoking.

“There are no smoking police. We’re not sending people out to confiscate ciggies and be tough. But it does give our community the chance to point at a sign and say, look mate how about not here? How about somewhere else? Or how about just not?”

Penny Hulse makes it clear this is no bylaw, just the signage and the encouragement not to smoke.

“I’ve got quite a lot of faith in our community, I think most people are going to work together to make Auckland smoke free.

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