Rural Weather with Novus


October is looking more settled overall compared to September, with anticyclones playing more of a part in the weather and bringing drier conditions.

For most of the Mainland it appears rain gauges won't be as full however parts of the North Island might see some rain.

With the highs looking to be mainly centred over the south of the country, easterlies could be more predominant in the north but that won't exclude fronts and lows still passing by our shores bringing a change in temperature and also overhead conditions.

Grass growth is continuing, particularly in areas seeing a little more moisture and pollen levels continue to be high to very high across much of the nation.

With the second week of the school holidays approaching we will see changeable spells which aren't totally out of the blue for this stage of spring but it's the winds that will continue to come and go especially in inland rural areas.

Rural Weather with Novus.