Sir Richard Hadlee discusses the 'greatest achievement of his life'


Sir Richard Hadlee has called his latest project the 'greatest achievement of his life.'

The sporting legend has released a book based on his father's journal from a cricket tour through England in 1949.

The historic tour raised New Zealand's standing in the world of competitive cricket, while also returning a profit of over a million dollars in today’s currency.

Sir Richard says the tour was about friendship and camaraderie and the teamwork was ‘very special’.
He goes on to say that the book has relevance today, teaching something about putting aside your differences to get on with the job at hand.

When asked what he thought his Father would say about this book, Sir Richard said he hopes his Father is “Looking down and saying, ‘well done lad.’”

Sir Richard’s father “dedicated 70 of his 90 years to New Zealand has contributed more to cricket.”

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