Sue Bradford worries Greens may be 's*** on from great height'


Former Green MP Sue Bradford is urging the Green party to stay strong in final coalition talks today. 

At least 75 percent of Green party membership will need to approve any deal that is made between Labour and New Zealand First, though NZ First still refuses to meet directly with the Greens.

Mrs Bradford disagrees with the perception that Winston Peters holds all the cards.

“If there is to be a New Zealand First, Labour, Green Government they absolutely do have power.”

Mrs Bradford hopes the Green Party doesn’t give up that power by making compromises to get into Government.

“If the Greens can’t deliver on some of their key policy areas, if they can’t deliver by having an effective voice inside the government, what’s the point?"

They’re being s*** on basically from a great height by both NZF and Labour if that happens.

Mrs Bradford says the Greens can't "swallow too many dead rats" and if they are forced to compromise their key policies, would be better as a strong opposition than a weak Government. 


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