Labour pressed to 'listen to the public' on Paid Parental Leave


Labour appears to have given in to pressure to opt for shared parental leave, after the National party urged for the original Bill to be tweaked.

The original bill didn’t include provisions for shared parental leave. National had campaigned to tweak the wording so both parents can take leave together.

Mr English joins The AM Show to discuss National’s efforts to push shared paid parental leave on the Bill.

He says part of being in Government is "listening to the public", with the shared parental leave proposal being a good opportunity for Labour to do so.

Mr English defended his reversal after previously opposing paid parental leave.

"Sometimes in politics when you hear yourself opposing something after a while you think 'Oh, that doesn't sound so good'," he says.

Now that the Government has surpluses, Mr English says that, “This would be a wiser use of the surplus than some of the things they're proposing."

The Government introduced its PPL bill under urgency last week, which would allow parents to split 26 weeks of PPL between them.

Ms Ardern had told Newshub she liked National's proposed amendment, but there would be issues to work through, so it couldn't be put through under urgency along with the rest of the Bill.

Watch the full interview with Bill English above.

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