Tea for Two: Bill English on leading Opposition in election aftermath

Your Sunday 26/11/2017

When Winston Peters announced his alignment with the Labour Party, all eyes went to then-Prime Minister Bill English. While many expected him to step down, Mr English has stood his ground as the leader of Opposition.

Mr English joins Ryan Bridge on Your Sunday to discuss life after a tumultuous campaign and election twist thrown by Winston Peters.

“Life goes on,” says Mr English on losing the majority.

Mr English confirms that he will continue his work as a politician, stating that he’s “committed to leading the National Party.”

“Our people need good government,” says Mr English.

Strong Opposition is part of good government.

The latest election was unique in that the broader public took a keen interest, Mr English explains. People tuned in for the intensity of the campaign given the high stakes for the next Government.

“I think that brought out the best in a lot of people – including me,” says Mr English.

 “Did you cry?” Ryan asks.

“No, look - it’s politics,” responds Mr English.

Watch the full interview with Bill English above.

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