Kiwi fathers urged to lead sons by example


The flurry of accusers coming forward against big Hollywood names like Harvey Weinstein poignantly coincides with an international affair that fights to end violence towards women.

Campaign manager for White Ribbon Rob McCann joins The AM Show to discuss how Kiwi parents, particularly fathers, can help raise their sons to have healthy relationships.

“If we’re not telling our sons how to behave… then they are getting their signals from things like pornography, their mates and media,” says Mr McCann.

Now is a good time to look at your own behaviour.

White Ribbon is finding that fathers across New Zealand are willing to tell their daughters to keep safe. However, fathers are less willing to chat with their sons about respectful relationships.  

 “What is it that you can tell them?” asks Duncan Garner.

“How you behave at home is what they’re actually going to learn,” replies Mr McCann. 

There’s no point in waiting until puberty to start discussion on healthy relationships, explains Mr McCann.

With the recent domino effect of women coming forward all over the world, along with the viral #MeToo, he says it’s “a good time to look at your own behaviour.”

White Ribbon Day involves a series of events that aim to end men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to lead by example. New Zealand's event kicks off on Saturday, November 25.

Watch the full interview with Rob McCann above. 

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