Labour was handed 'poison chalice' with TPP - expert


Auckland University Law Professor, Jane Kelsey and Michael Barnett Auckland Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive join the AM show to discuss whether Labour is full of hot air about victories in TPP negotiations.

Jane Kelsey thinks Labour has been overstating their success.

“Basically it's the same deal.”

There's virtually nothing that I can find that is a significant concession.

Jane Kelsey also says “Kelvin Davis is wrong” about Labour gaining a concession on limiting overseas companies ability to sue the New Zealand government.  

“They've suspended a few things. The one thing they’ve changed in relationship to the foreign investors doesn't actually change the core problem they’re trying to address.”

“We need to stop looking at these agreements like notches on the belt, and look at what the actual benefits will be.”

Ms Kelsey doesn’t put all the blame with Labour, saying they were given a ‘Poison Chalice’ in the TPP agreement and are doing the best they can to spin it.

“The spin we’ve heard from David Parker and the Prime Minister don’t match up to what is still in the text.”

Michael Barnett acknowledges issues with the deal, but still thinks it will fundamentally benefit Kiwis, saying every other free trade agreement we’ve done hasn’t actually benefitted small businesses and instead catered to the ‘big boys’ like Fonterra.

“I absolutely agree with signing.”

Watch the full clip above.

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