Robert Mugabe resigns as president of Zimbabwe


Robert Mugabe has resigned as the president of Zimbabwe, effective immediately, after leading the country for more than four decades.

Journalist Columbus S. Mavhunga was at parliament when the announcement was made this morning. Mr Mavhunga joins The AM Show on Mugabe’s resignation and what happens next.  

“Unbelievable,” says Mr Mavhunga on the moment Mugabe resigned. “It’s the only word I can use.”

It is expected that Mugabe will enjoy civil immunity, allowing the former president to keep the assets and wealth that he’s amassed in his 38-year reign.  

Zimbabweans celebrate on the streets. Photo: Reuters.

A letter from the 93-year-old said the voluntary decision was an effort to ensure a smooth transition of power.

The announcement came during a parliamentary hearing to impeach him following a military takeover last week.

Watch the full interview with Columbus S. Mavhunga above. 

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