New dairy strategy to boost sustainability, grow communities


The new dairy sector strategy Dairy Tomorrow launched this week which to tackle the big issues the sector is facing. However, critics are already pouring cold water on it.

DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle joins Rural Exchange to discuss the strategy and answer some of these criticisms.

Dairy Tomorrow has six main goals: the environment, on having competitive and resilient farms, having the highest quality and valued dairy nutrition, animal welfare, being a great workplace, and lastly – to help grow vibrant and prosperous communities.

“We need everyone’s help as well to solve these issues,” says Mr Mackle.  

Mr Mackle explains that while these seem like lofty goals, DairyNZ has been making progress for the past ten year in making the industry more sustainable.

“This is about taking it to another level,” he says.

He explains that it’s about taking a broader view at the impact of dairy on communities and consumers. 

Watch the full interview with Tim Mackle above.

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