Petrol price hike 'unjustified' - AA


The Automotive Association (AA) says fuel companies are to blame for the latest fuel price hike - but there's nothing we can do about it.

 AA spokesperson Mark Stockdale joined the The AM Show this morning and said

We're at the mercy of the markets really unfortunately

"We've been hit by a double-whammy. The exchange rate fell a couple of weeks ago following the election announcement and then more importantly the international commodity prices have risen.

Mr Stockdale expressed concern over the latest fuel hike however, saying he couldn't see a market driven reason for the increase.

"The increase we saw on Tuesday - a 3 cent increase on petrol and diesel - the AA's view is that that increase was not justified.

"We couldn't see that was linked to a recent change in the commodity price or the exchange rate so that's one for the fuel companies to say 'why'?"

See the full interview with Mark above.

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