Political Panel 17/11: Manus Island quarrel, Winston to North Korea


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull faced pressure from Jacinda Ardern as the New Zealand leader offer to take 150 refugees from Manus Island and later, $3 million in aid.

Judith Collins and Phil Twyford join The AM Show to discuss how the Prime Minister is handling Manus Island and whether Winston Peters should be sent to North Korea.

 “Let’s not get into vilifying the refugees,” says Phil Twyford. He explains that 90 percent of the Manus Island refugees are in fact, bonafide refugees.

Mr Twyford explains that Jacinda Ardern is confident that the Australia-New Zealand relationship is strong enough to handle a little pressure.

“[Malcolm Turnbull] flicked her off,” counters Judith Collins.

Ms Ardern offered aid funds after speaking to Mr Turnbull, who again refused the initial offer of New Zealand taking 150 refugees. 

Watch the full panel with Judith Collins and Phil Twyford above. 

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