REX Rural Weather with Novus


The dry spell over parts of the country looks set to continue for another week but not all blue skies and sunshine are in the immediate forecast.

The evapotranspiration figure is sitting at about 4-5mm a day according to RadioLIVE's weather commentator Richard Green. "With all that moisture being sucked up into the atmosphere at this time of year, it doesn't take long for our surroundings to dry out" Mr Green says.

Temperatures remain buoyant, especially in inland areas, but with some afternoon and evening heat, there could be a few heavy showers lurking in spots.

Richard also says that this coming week might not be as dry in the main as the previous one for a couple of provinces but it seems the thermometers still want to be mild to warm for a number of areas."It's looking fairly dry across the south once more although one or two downpours can't be discounted even though the mercury doesn't want to drop much either".

December looks like it could be slightly warmer than average overall nationwide but overhead even though it appears at this stage there will continue to be some dry regions there's hope some precipitation could top up rain gauges.

Watch the full forecast above with RadioLIVE's weather commentator, Richard Green.

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