Ensuring stock fills up on protein, not fibre

Rural Exchange 25/11/2017

While stock may appear to be well fed, this doesn’t necessarily indicate their bellies are full of the right nutrients.

Paul Sharp, consultant nutritionist at Seales Winslow, recommends that quality over quantity of the pasture is crucial to get the most productivity from stock.

Mr Sharp joins Rural Exchange to discuss the reality of excess grass and how it affects stock.

Mr Sharp explains that once a paddock builds up with grass, the grass near the ground becomes higher in fibre and lower in protein.

“It becomes quite deceptive because the animals look full and look like they are growing,” he says.  

In reality, the consultant nutritionist explains, the animals are filling their guts up with fibre.

“We need to look at more ways to get more protein and energy into their diet.”

Animal nutrition is a regular feature on REX, thanks to the experts at Seales Winslow. If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit their website.

Watch the full interview with Paul Sharp above.

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