Stressed by exams? That's a good thing


Students across New Zealand are preparing for NCEA exams starting on Thursday. If you're feeling stressed with exams looming, one expert says this is a positive thing.

A recent study showed that while two-thirds of teenagers find this time of year challenging, that stress isn't necessarily a bad thing. Education consultant Jordan Murphy of StudyTime joins The AM Show to advise students on how to channel that stress for a positive outcome.

"It's our body's response to a challenge, and it's good that we want to apply ourselves and we care about it," he told The AM Show on Thursday morning.

Mr Murphy quotes Prof Schwartz of Stanford, who said that:

Stress is like the engine, but it's our mind's that's the steering wheel. We can use stress as a motivator…

Mr Murphy explains that while some stress is good, students should avoid cramming. Cramming will cause more stress, and inhibit the ability to recall information.

There are 119 NCEA exams this year, with the first - drama - beginning at 9:30am on Thursday. The last - Spanish, German and Japanese - will be held on December 1.

See the full interview with Murphy above.

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