Kimbra weighs in on sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, says it's a problem with 'hierarchy'

Your Sunday 10/12/2017

Kiwi grammy award winning artist Kimbra is back home for a short break.

She caught up with Ryan Bridge on Your Sunday to discuss her new life in LA and the release of her third full length album Primal Heart.

Listen to the full interview with Kimbra below.

The Kiwi songstress has weighed in on the slew of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, saying it's a problem with "hierarchy" in the industry. 

She says that she's seeing the number of women speaking out "as a really positive thing". 

Let's reshape that hierarchy, because that's where you get people abusing positions of power across the world.

She told Bridge hearing a question about the Hollywood harassment scandal from a male interviewer was exciting. 

The singer's new album Primal Heart, due out early next year, is more "socially conscious" than others, she says. 

That is especially obvious in the single 'Everybody Knows', which delivers a powerful message about domestic violence. 

"I guess all albums touch on love, it's a big part of the human condition," she said.

"I think it's a more socially conscious album in a way. I think instead of embracing escapism and dancing off into the clouds and inventing characters, I'm a little more concerned on this album speaking directly to the things that I'm seeing.

"It's a little more about courage and boldness." 

Kimbra's new album Primal Heart will be available January 19, 2018. 

Listen to the full interview with Kimbra above.

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