Dairies call on Parliament for harsher robbery penalties


With increased robberies and attacks in the past year, Auckland dairy owners have had enough and are calling for harsher penalties.

Ash Darji, president of Crime Prevention Group, joins The AM Show to share how the group plans to combat the robberies.

We definitely want harsher penalties for these kinds of offenses.

Mr Darji will be taking the issue up with Parliament today, urging for protection against armed robberies through harsher penalties.

“Definitely time has come for the shopkeepers to arm themselves as well,” says Mr Darji.

With many dairy owners looking for the next step for protection, Mr Darji explains that “this is the only way we can protect ourselves”

Aggravated robberies in some parts of Auckland have risen more than 20 percent in the last year, despite a $1.8 million government security fund for small businesses.

“If we don’t get protection from the Government,” he says. “Then something has got to be done.”

Watch the full interviews with Ash Darji above. 

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