Energy Minister calls location-driven petrol prices 'unfair'


The Automotive Association (AA) is calling for fuel retailers to drop their prices immediately, saying the current national price for petrol is simply too high.

An updated report will be released today on why people are paying difference prices for petrol depending on their location.

Energy and Resources Minister Dr Megan Woods joins The AM Show to discuss the reasons fuelling the report update.  

“People aren’t paying a fair price at the pump depending on what part of the country they are in,” she says.

People are just seeing the unfairness.

While Dr Woods says there’s no simple answer to these issues, the AA is trying to gain more information on the reasons behind varying fuel prices.

We are determined to do the work to get to the bottom of this,” says Dr Woods. “People need to know that they are getting a fair price when they fill up their car.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Megan Woods above. 

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