Early summer weather to continue for much of New Zealand


It's dry, it's hot, and it's probably not changing any time soon.

That's the general message from NIWA's principal scientist in forecasting, Chris Brandolino, who told The AM Show there had been record temperatures in the past week.

"We had 28.1 degC at Wellington Airport, the warmest December temperature on record" he says.

Mr Brandolino admitted the short-term outlook isn't favourable for farmers hanging out for some rain.

"Over the next 10 to 14 days, rainfall - except for the lower South Island - is likely to be below normal."

Some areas will be cooler, though, and it's not as though the whole country will be without rain - but for some, the dryness is likely to continue.

Strangely enough, it turns out the capital is the best place to spend the holiday season - with NIWA research showing that for the last 15 years, Wellington has not received a drop of rain on Christmas Day.

Mr Brandolino said while NIWA is yet to release its official outlook for Christmas Day, it's "looking favourable for much of New Zealand".

Watch the full interview with Chris Brandolino above. 

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