General Fiyah sings live in the studio at just 11 years old

Your Sunday 22/12/2017

One of New Zealand’s youngest talents General Fiyah is back with a catchy summer anthem, “Here to Stay”. At just 11 year old, the Three Houses Down superstar’s new jam is set to be the tune of the season.

Nicholas “General Fiyah” Pome joins Lisa Owen and Ryan Bridge on Drive to share how he got his stage name and to give the studio some live music.

“I’m the youngest in the band,” he explains. “And I just add this fire to this band.”

General Fiyah is the son of Three Houses Down’s founding member Rob Pome.

At just 10 years old, General Fiyah joined New Zealand's renowned reggae bands Three Houses Down and performed in front of thousands at Tauranga’s 2016 One Love Festival.

“My first time [performing], I was terrified,” he says.

But after feeling the love of the audience, General Fiyah got the courage to perform.

All of my nerves just vanished after I sang.

The young South Aucklander became an international hit after being featured in Three Houses Down’s song "Love and Affection" released in 2016. The song received well over 2.1 million views on YouTube, making General Fiyah a viral sensation.

“I couldn’t believe that it was 2 million views,” he says. “I almost cried.”

Now the young singer is set for another successful year with his catchy reggae tune ‘Here To Stay’, written by Charlie Pomee and produced by Shane Brown.

Watch the full interview and performance with General Fiyah above.

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