Govt should be doing what KidsCan does - Minister for Kids


KidsCan CEO Julie Chapman told RNZ she had been told a week ago that the funding, worth $350,000 a year, would end on July 1. Minister for Children Tracey Martin countered this statement, saying that the Government hasn't decided to cut support to children's charity KidsCan.

Ms Martin joins The AM Show to explain where the Government stands with cutting funding.

“The National Government did not actually extend this funding…,” she says.

While Ms Martin states that KidsCan does amazing work, she explains that the Government should be taking on some of those responsibilities.

We don’t need charities to do this work.

The Minister for Children explains that information about Labour’s Families Package, a scheme that aims to deliver funding to families with children and reduce child poverty, will be released on Thursday.

“We have not cut any funding to KidsCan,” she says. “This is a process that is still taking place.”

“This funding was always time-limited,” says Ms Martin. “And Julie [Chapman] knew that.”

Earlier this morning, KidsCan CEO Julie Chapman joined The AM Show to discuss the potential slashing of KidsCan funds.

KidsCan has received government funding for the past 9 years, receiving up to $1.5 million in the fiscal year of 2016.

“I can’t understand why we wouldn’t be getting that fund,” says Ms Chapman.

“We will have to halve our efforts next year,” says Ms Chapman. Without the Ministry’s funding, Ms Chapman explains that between 3,500 to 4,000 children will miss out or wait longer for KidsCan support.

The charity works with schools across the country to provide children living in poverty with food, clothing, health products, and most importantly - feminine hygiene products. 

Watch the full interviews with Tracey Martin and Julie Chapman above. 

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