Rental prices limit food budgets for cash-strapped Aucklanders


The holiday season can quickly become expensive for many families, from Christmas dinner ingredients to providing gifts to the children.

Mangere Budgeting Services CEO Darryl Evans and Auckland City Mission CEO Chris Farrelly join The AM Show do discuss the relationship between poverty and unaffordable rental prices.

“The problem continues to get worse,” says Mr Evans of cash-strapped families in South Auckland.

“We understand that landlords that have to cover mortgages but it’s hurting people in the pocket…”

There just isn’t enough left to feed a family.

He explains that they looked at 200 pensioners who continue to pay rent through pension aid and have just $6 a day left for food.

“65 percent of our families are paying 63 percent of their income to the landlord,” says Mr Evans.

Mr Evans points out that after power and petrol, there’s very little left to put good quality food on the table.  

Watch the full interview with Darryl Evans Chris Farrelly above. 

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