Judith Collin’s gift pokes fun at Phil Twyford's housing goals


Judith Collins and Phil Twyford join The AM Show for this week’s political panel, covering the housing crisis and child poverty.

“Judith’s colleague Nick Smith was in denial for nine years about the housing crisis,” says Mr Twyford. “Now they are in Opposition - he’s still in denial.”

"Phil, I've got something for you to help you with your housing," she said, reaching below the desk for the gift.

"Is this Secret Santa?" Mr Twyford asked.

"I don't do anything secret. I have got you your own little belt bag, and your own little set of tools," she said, showing off the set of toy tools.

The present was a dig at Mr Twyford, who has pushed Labour's KiwiBuild programme to build 100,000 affordable homes within the next decade.

“You are saying you are going to build these houses,” she says. “I’m trying to help you.”

Watch the full interview with Judith Collins and Phil Twyford above. 

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