Urban sprawl limits farm space for locally-grown food

Rural Exchange 02/12/2017

Horticulture New Zealand is urging the new Government to protect locally-grown food as urban sprawl threatens valuable growing land.

Horticulture NZ’s CEO Mike Chapman joins Rural Exchange to explain the scale of food that will be lost to houses.

“We’ve got one [vegetable] grower who is now landlocked by houses,” says Mr Chapman.

The organisation says the impact is already “quite extreme” and is set to worsen with plans to increase the number of houses from 20,000 to 50,000 in Pukekohe alone.

“You gotta house people? No problem with that,” he says. “But you’ve also got to feed them.”

Horticulture NZ argues that prioritising housing is encroaching on the country’s ability to produce healthy, locally-produced food for its residents.

“We are saying – protect the land,” he says.

Watch the full interview with Mike Chapman above. 

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