Lab-protein conference foresees hurdles for meat industry

Rural Exchange 02/12/2017

Lab-based meat, alternative protein, fake food or cellular agriculture – whatever you want to call it, it’s about to bring big changes for the agriculture industry.

Sharl Liebergreen, consultant at Abacus Bio, joins Rural Exchange to discuss the development of lab-produced meat.

Mr Liebergreen recently returned from New York where he attended the New Harvest Conference on alternative proteins.

“Change is afoot,” he says. “I think we are preparing for a wave of technology…”

People are frothing at the mouth at this issue around the world.

“[Farmers] are very adaptable,” says Mr Liebergreen. “Especially when given the right market signals.”

While the conference was buzzing with excitement over the new technologies, Mr Liebergreen says “there were reality checks throughout the conference.”

At the end of the day, the Conference recognised that the consumer will be the one who defines preference demands like flavour and texture. 

Watch the full interview with Sharl Liebergreen above. 

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