Facial Eczema: Know the facts to protect your animals

Rural Exchange 16/12/2017

Facial eczema threatens cattle farmers across the country as the humid weather creates the perfect storm for the condition.  

Paul Sharp, Seales Winslow resident consultant nutritionist, joins Rural Exchange to give us the facts on the incurable disease.

Mr Sharp explains that the condition actually is triggered by a spore from a fungus that is in the dead material beneath the pasture.

When the conditions are right, those toxins go nuts.

To protect the cattle, farms must keep the grass healthy to avoid excessive decaying debris beneath the surface.

“[Facial eczema is] basically turning the animal into a plant,” he says.

He explains that humid, warm nights are especially dangerous conditions for contracting facial eczema. 

Watch the full interview with Paul Sharp above. 

Animal nutrition is a regular feature on REX, thanks to the experts at Seales Winslow. If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit their website.

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