John Chook Harrison Character of the Country

Rural Exchange 10/12/2017

One livestock broker in Mid Canterbury describes his job to be ‘designed’ for him.

John “Chook” Harrison, livestock agent at Peter Walsh & Associates, joins Rural Exchange as this week’s Character of the Country.

“Especially in Mid Canterbury, the face of farming has changed,” says Mr Harrison. “This country is pretty much all covered in water now.”

Hailing from Mayfield, Mr Harrison grew up on the family farm before heading to boarding school in Timaru. After finishing, he returned to the family farm for 10 years.

During this time, he complemented the home operation with a leasehold block and also took on a contracting, dipping and tailing business. John joined PW&A in 2007 and continues to live in Mid Canterbury.

Watch the full interview with John above.

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