The inspiration behind children’s book ‘Bob n Pops’

Rural Exchange 02/12/2017

Children’s books are a great Christmas present for the younger ones in the family, especially beautiful picture books that tell ‘life on the farm’ stories.

One very successful book, Bob n Pops, tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a rugged farm boy and his sausage dog.

Author Harriet Bremner joins Rural Exchange to discuss the inspiration for the book.

I had always wanted to write a children’s picture book.

When her partner James Hayman past away in a tragic farming accident this year, Ms Bremner wanted to do something to honour his memory.

“I felt like this was the right time to both pursue a dream and make his memory live on.”

Her late partner is the inspiration for the book’s main character, Bob. Pops, the sausage dog featured in the book, is based on the couples’ real Dachshund named Poppy. 

Watch the full interview with Harriet Bremner above. 

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