Maize silage for feed deficits and maximum nutrition

Rural Exchange 09/12/2017

With summer on our door step, it is ever so important to have good quality summer feed that is both nutritious and hardy for dairy cows. Enter maize silage, a high-quality forage supplement.

Darren O’Shea, farm systems manager at Pioneer Brand Products, joins Rural Exchange to discuss the full benefits of maize silage.

The entire farm system benefits.

“It’s a resilient crop...” he says. “Even when it looks quite bad, it can recover well.”

Mr O’Shea says that after he takes a holistic view of the farm, he confirms farmers can utilise grass “while still using maize silage to fill feed deficits.”

Seeds are a regular feature on REX thanks to the experts at Pioneer Brand Products. If you have any questions or want to find out more, call 0800 PIONEER or visit their website.

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