Farming women equipped with skills to lead agri-businesses

Rural Exchange 02/12/2017

From the dairy industry to meat production, men are still more likely to dominate leadership roles in agri-businesses across the country.

A business programme for farming women in New Zealand aims to equip women with the skills to play a greater role in agricultural businesses.

Wendy Black, graduate of UYFB Programme, joins Rural Exchange to discuss the empowerment of women involved in farming businesses.

The Agri-Women's Development Trust’s ‘Understanding Your Farming Business’ (or, UYFB) programme is fully funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership to teach women business skills so they can make communicate with farming partners, financial advisors and rural professionals.

 “As a woman in farming, we’ve got other commitments and responsibilities,” she says.

Mrs. Black explains that depending on the stage a woman is in, they might have young children or are preoccupied with activities going on in the household.

Often the business side is left to the male or the partner in the farming business.

While Mrs Black knew she was capable for agri-business leadership, the programme boosted her confidence.

“We now know that we have the opportunity that we can,” she says. “And that we have a lot to contribute.”

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