Dairy Women’s Network: Workshops to support member wellbeing

Rural Exchange 16/12/2017

One of the biggest organisations in the dairy sector which provides a place to connect off-farm is Dairy Women’s Network (DWN).

Tracey Brown, DWN trustee, joins Rural Exchange to discuss how the organisation supports wellbeing for its members.  

There’s a core belief, particularly with women, that we need to thrive.

Ms Brown explains that DWN works with partners to provide content and workshops for its 10,000+ members.

This past year, for example, DWN worked with Ballance to provide a “Building Emotional Resilience” module, with workshops featured in different locations across the country.

“We are able to support various points through the dairy season,” she says.

DWN is currently rolling out Dairy NZ-funded modules on coaching conversations, aimed at providing members with tools to reduce stress. 

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