Strong wool industry sees exciting future amid challenges

Rural Exchange 09/12/2017

Wools of NZ recently held its annual meeting where growers were told the last year has been “one of the most challenging for the New Zealand strong wool industry”.

That won’t have come as a surprise to woolgrowers who have experienced many challenging years of late.

Wools of NZ chairman Mark Shadbolt joins Rural Exchange to talk more about the challenges and the future of coarse NZ bred wool.

“We’ve been trying to replicate the merino or the fine wool model since we established ourselves 5 years ago.”

As growers, I think we should have confidence.

One of the best ways to succeed is investment, he explains. This involves looking at and investing in new uses of strong wool.

“We can now use strong wool as a yarn for apparel clothing,” says Mr Shadbolt.

“That’s quite exciting because we are taking wool from the floor onto the body.” 

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