Top tips for managing your irrigation this summer

Rural Exchange 10/12/2017

With much of New Zealand experiencing exceptionally dry conditions, Irrigation New Zealand has some advice for irrigators on how to make the most efficient use of water over summer. 

Did you know that some of your monitoring systems could be 20-50% inaccurate.

Andrew Curtis, Irrigation New Zealand CEO, joins Rural Exchange with some top tips on managing irrigation systems.

Last year, a summer student programme run by Irrigation New Zealand assessed about 230 pieces of irrigation equipment in Ashburton.

Mr Curtis says they found quite a few pieces of irrigation equipment weren’t setup correctly.

“We really encourage people to get out and do a bucket test.”

He says people can download a free mobile app that allows people to do an evaluation of their system.

It’s really worthwhile because then you actually do know what’s happening with your equipment.

Watch the full interview with Andrew Curtis above.

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