Some students in 'absolute tears' after NCEA level one maths


With roughly 28,000 students taking the NCEA level one maths exam this week, some students said it was too hard.

Teachers have drafted a complaint letter to the NZQA, and the Tables, Equations and Graphs, Geometric Reasoning and Chance and Data papers were labelled a disaster.

Kapiti College head of maths Jake Wills joins The AM Show to discuss how teachers are banding together to fight against the exam.

"There were definitely parts that I thought were very unfair on those students," says Mr Wills.

Mr Wills says it wasn't just a few questions - a large proportion of the exam has received criticism. This marks the second year that the NCEA level one maths exam received complaints.

There were definitely some questions in there that weren't at the correct curriculum level.

There were some students who spent over two hours trying to answer one of the three papers, leaving them without time to complete the others. Other students left the exam in tears. 

Watch the full interview with Jake Wills above. 

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