Andrew Little: Pike River re-entry will be risky


Minister Responsible for Pike River, Andrew Little, told The AM Show on Tuesday that entry to the mine would be a risky move.

Rock fall poses the biggest risk, Mr Little explains. Gas was originally considered to be the larger threat to re-entry.

"You need to make sure that things are shored up and when people go in they're not going to have things tumbling down on them."

We know this is a dangerous task.

Entry into Pike River is expected by March 2019, after the Government announced plans to set up a Pike River Agency. The agency will work with families to plan for a manned re-entry of the Pike River mine drift to determine if there are any human remains inside.

Mr Little had previously said that he didn’t expect anything to deter entry.

“I’d be surprised if we can’t make an entry providing that everything else lines up,” Mr Little told The AM Show three weeks ago.

Labour and NZ First originally promise to re-enter the mine for the families of the 29 men killed in the explosions. The families have been campaigning for re-entry since the tragedy occurred in 2010.

While the previous Government investigated re-entry, they decided it was too risky.

Watch the full interview with Andrew Little above. 

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