Federated Farmers on bio-security, modernising the NAIT system

Rural Exchange 20/01/2018

Bio-security and updating the NAIT system are among the long list of what farmers need to constantly remember.

Vice president of Federated Farmers Andrew Hoggard joins Rural Exchange to discuss NAIT and tips for maintaining tight bio-security to prevent pests and diseases.

“The key thing is about controlling movement,” he explains. “Movement is what spreads diseases.”

Mr Hoggard adises to be “vigilant” with where you are moving your stock to and from, and to always keep equipment from visitors clean.

Without a doubt, cattle movement is a key thing.

While the NAIT system is intended to help farmers keep records, Mr Hoggard sees challenges for both farmers and the system. He calls on farmers to step up with their record-keeping; however, he also believes the system needs to be simplified.

“The harder you make things to be compliant, the less compliant people will be,” he says.

Mr Hoggard’s suggestion for better NAIT compliance? A phone app.

“Why don’t we have a NAIT phone app?” he asks. “Everything else has a phone app.”

Watch the full interview with Andrew Hoggard above.

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