CPTPP shows business can ‘take some heart’ that Govt can listen

The AM Show 25/01/2018

As Labour enters the final stretch of its 100 day plan, the Government is due to announce the finer details of its planned changes to employment laws later today.

Kirk Hope, BusinessNZ Chief Executive, joined The AM Show to discuss Labour’s position on key employment policies that could be affected by such legislation.

Mr Kirk told The AM Show that the Government has demonstrated sensibility on critical business issues, particularly with its involvement in the now CPTPP and working with the film industry on the “hobbit law”.

“I think business can take some heart from that – that actually [the Government] will listen and business will have the opportunity to have a voice in defining policy,” he said.

They’ve been pretty pragmatic…

Despite this, Mr Kirk says that business conference surveys have shown weak results for its support of the new Government.

“That tells you that business is nervous,” he said. “That’s predominantly related to uncertainty.”

Labour has long expressed concern over National’s 90-day trial, Mr Kirk warns that ditching the trial completely could hurt small businesses.

“I think if they complete get rid of the 90-day trial they’ll be using a sledgehammer to crack open a nut,” he told The AM Show. 

“I hope that they retain the opportunity for small businesses to use that 90-day trial”

Watch the full interview with Kirk Hope above.

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