Easter alcohol laws likely won’t budge for Parker’s fight

The AM Show 16/01/2018

Think again if you’re looking to grab a casual beer for Joseph Parker’s fight on Sunday.

His fight against Anthony Joshua falls on Easter Sunday, a day when alcohol trading laws are in the hands of local authorities.

Hospitality NZ chief executive Vicki Lee joins The AM Show to discuss the how this will affect people watching the fight this weekend.

Ms Lee is doubtful there will be an exception to drinking laws will made like it was for the Rugby World Cup.

In order to get a drink on Easter Sunday, Kiwis must be going to the pub “for the purpose of dining.”

Kiwis want to get out and watch their sport.

However, establishments that serve alcohol can still approach their local council for an exception.

"It's up to the local council whether they approve that or not," she says.

Despite being a religious holiday, she explains, sport is prioritised for many Kiwis.

"Kiwis want to get out and watch their sport,” she says. “I mean, that's what we do.”

"We want people's company, we eat, and we drink. And that's part of socialising in New Zealand."

Watch the full interview with Vicki Lee above. 

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