Fishers don’t want boat footage to be public, raising suspicions

The AM Show 17/01/2018

The commercial fishing industry in New Zealand has been called out for trying to hide potentially damaging evidence of species being caught at sea as by-product.

Fishing industry leaders sent a letter to MPI last year, which cautioned that the video cameras on boats would "raise significant risks for MPI and for 'New Zealand Inc'".

Kevin Hague, chief executive of Forest & Bird, joins The AM Show to discuss the commercial fishing industry’s controversial response to putting video cameras on boats.

Mr Hague explains that if video footage from the boats were to be released, the industry knows that “the public will not accept it and demand change.”

We think it’s outrageous.

According to Mr Hague, the industry’s practises routinely kill albatross, penguin, some endangered sea birds, dolphins, and sea lions.

“[The industry is] typically bad at reporting any of those by-kills, even though it is a legal requirement,” he says. “That’s why we need to have cameras on boats.”

Dr Jeremy Helson, Fisheries Inshore New Zealand Chief Executive, told Newshub that the industry is not trying to hide information, but rather to “protect people’s rights and interests”.

Watch the full interview with Kevin Hague above. 

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Parts of this story were originally published by Newshub, with additions made by RadioLIVE staff.